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New Projects


UPRISE CONSERVATIONAL  (Summer 2024)                    13 X 30 min.

Join Uprise as we brake free from inaction and embrace the future with hope. Our ectraordinary journey unvells inspiring stories of those who refuse to surrender to despair. Let's rediscover our planet's connections and be inspired to protect it.

Are you Ready?

Together we are forging to a collecteive path towards a greener more vibrant planet.

Upridse Conservation Gallerie - Copy.jpg

STATE ORGANS   2024  (Spring 2024)                                      76 min.


When two youths mesteriously dissapeared in mainland China, their families embarked on a 20 year perilous journey to find them. Along the way, they discovered a most secretive state crime and a grassroots movement that is dissolving the seemingly invincible superpower, albeit little noticed buy the outside world.

AWARDS      Leo Award (2023)

                     * Best direction in future lenght Documentary

                     * Best Music Scoews in future lenght Documentary

Leo Award (2023)

6 nominations:

Best Music Score - Best Sound - Best Picture Editing

Best Screenwriting  -  Best Direction in Feature Lenght Documentary -Best Feature Lenght Documentary.

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