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Bubble Bees is an interactive edutainment animation channel for children. Four preschool pals, Arjun, Aishu, Nani and Siri, lead the children as they sing rhymes, tell stories, draw doodles, play games and have loads of fun while learning about the world around them. Children will find the day-to-day experiences that the four pals are going through in the programme familiar, and look to them as their role models in dealing with the same situations.

Make An Offer 

108 x 5  min. episodes  - HD

Productionn Year - 2019


A beautiful girl, Ocean, lives an idyllic life on an exotic sun-kissed island with her grandfather, or so she thinks. But she is teased by other children because her mother and father are never around. Sad and lonely she may sometimes be, she has learnt to be independent and strong-willed. After discovering that she can "converse" with sea creatures, she goes on a brave journey to unravel her mysterious past.

26 x 22 min. episodes          Production Year: 2007

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