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The transhumance is the cyclical moving and herding of animals to the pastures of the high mountains in the summer and down to the slopes of the mountain range in the wintering grounds. Today, the migratory stockbreeders between Argentina and Chile, both native Mapuche Indians and criollos, are facing the proliferation of private property and the discovery of hydrocarbons in the area that are risking their livelihoods and ancestral lifestyle. Although the prospects of their lifestyle become darker, the organization and implementation of joint dynamics suggest a solution to a conflict that runs through every corner of the modern world.

Winner Best Documentary. FINCA Int’l Environmental Film Festivals
Winner. RAFMA
Special Mention Memory in Movement. Cultural Center of the Memory Harold Conti
Official Selection. Red Green Film

Director: Maria Bagnat
Countries: Argentina
Runtime: 52 min. & 80 min.
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Year of Production: 2018


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